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About LNG

Natural gas in a liquid form

LNG is natural gas cooled to -160o C, the temperature at which it changes from a gas to a liquid. In liquid form, it takes up 600 times less space than in its gaseous state.

Facilitated supply

In the same space, it is therefore possible to store 600 times more energy with LNG than with natural gas in a gaseous state—a definite advantage in terms of transportation and storage. Once liquefied, natural gas is stored in cryogenic tanks. LNG can then be delivered to different customers within a radius of more than 1,000 kilometers of Énergir's LSR plant.

Properties that promote social acceptability

Given the current trend in energy prices, using LNG can offer substantial savings based on a customer’s profile. LNG can also improve a company’s environmental footprint because it generates fewer greenhouse gases (GHG) and air pollutants than oil products.

Up to

25 %

fewer GHG

Up to

97 %

fewer fine particles

Safe energy

Liquefied natural gas does not ignite. But when it heats up, it resumes its gaseous state and regains flammability under certain conditions. It must attain a specific concentration in the air of 5 to 15% and be close to a source of ignition. Outside this range, ignition will not occur.

Contrary to propane gas, natural gas is lighter than air. It rises and quickly dissipates in the open air. It is insoluble in water and does not contaminate it if spilled; instead, it rises to the surface and quickly disperses into the air. It is neither corrosive nor toxic.

LNG used in a number of sectors

LNG allows companies to meet a variety of energy needs, at industrial facilities not served by the Énergir network, for road, maritime and rail transportation, at mining sites, and so on.

Gas distribution

Based on our business model, North American gas distributors can count on a reliable supply of local LNG at a stable and competitive price.

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Industrial sector

Thanks to LNG, industries located far away from our gas network can now obtain natural gas. So you can rely on an energy source that is cleaner and more economical than fuel oil, and sharpen your competitive edge.

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Mining sector

Thanks to LNG, mines located outside the gas network can now take advantage of the economic and environmental benefits of natural gas. Access an energy source that is cleaner and more economical than fuel oil, and sharpen your competitive edge.

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Road transportation

More than 20 million vehicles are already fueled by natural gas. The only alternative to diesel for heavy transportation, liquefied natural gas allows you to save money and reduce your environmental footprint.

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Maritime transportation

To reduce the environmental impact of their operations, many players in the maritime transportation sector are turning to LNG. The Société des Traversiers du Québec recently put the FA Gauthier into operation, the first ferry in North America fueled by LNG.

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